Types of Turbine Oils and Which to Select

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Types of Turbine Oils and Which to Select

There are different types of turbine oils available with your supplier, but it is always best to choose the right one for your equipment. In choosing the perfect turbine oil for you, there are some variables to consider such as water, heat, contamination, operating hours and the maintenance of your equipment.

High quality, properly maintained and tested turbine oils will ensure giving a longer life to your equipment compared to the low-quality products.

When selecting turbine oils, the person itself must have a greater understanding about the selection process. This includes both chemical and physical characteristics of turbine oils then comparing other oils for lubrication before selecting the turbine oil for their equipment.

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Compared to gasoline and diesel engine oils, turbine oils are formulated with shed water that allows solid particles to settle where they can be removed through drains or filtration systems during operations.

Well-maintained turbine oils could last up to 20-30 years with moderate makeup rates.

Here are some of the types of turbine oils that might be good for different types of equipment.

Gas Turbines

High operating temperature is one of the leading cause of premature turbine oil failure for large turbine frame units. The drive for higher turbine efficiencies and temperatures in gas turbines have been a main incentive towards thermally robust turbine oils.

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Hydro Turbines

The ability to release water and hydrolytic stability are two of the key performance parameters that have an impact in a turbine oil’s life. This is due to the constant presence of water. Hydro Turbines typically use ISO 46 or 68 oils.

Aero-Derivative Gas Turbines

They usually present unique turbine oil challenges that calls for oils with a much higher oxidation stability. Compact gas turbines use the oil to lubricate and transfer heat back to the oil sump.

Finding the right turbine oil might take some time since it is for the durability of your equipment. In selecting turbine oils, it is best to consider what type of equipment you have and how long can the equipment run.


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