Authorized Distributor of MotulTech RUBRIC HM Hydraulic Oil in the Philippines

We provide equipment protection and optimum performance for general hydraulic systems in plant, as well as other mobile hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic Oil in the Philippines - Hydraulic Oil Philippines Products


Our product is designed from highly refined based oils and innovative additive systems to provide resistance of oxidation and deposit formation and maintain system and equipment cleanliness.


Our Hydraulic Oils RUBRIC HM 32, 46, 86 and 100, are anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation premium hydraulic oils modified to the lubrication of hydraulic systems operating under very harsh conditions.

Specific additives provide the following advantages:

Excellent anti-wear quality

Excellent resistance to oxidation

Excellent protection against corrosion

Good hydrolysis stability

Excellent desemulsification

Excellent thermal stability

Excellent filterability


Hydraulic Oil Rubric Properties Philippines

Our product meets the most important standards of leading global equipment manufacturers.


We make sure our oils are performing well as expected and ensure we are advancing our products every day. We are the authorized distributor of MotulTech in the Philippines; a French company that produces premium quality and state of the art European Technology for;

Heavy Duty Marine

Industrial Lubrication

Metal Working Fluids

Specialty Greases

Since 1853, it is a high-performance lubricant brand that is present in more than 100 countries.

We want to make sure you find the perfect hydraulic oil
for your system.
We want to make sure you find the perfect hydraulic oil for your system.
Rubric Optimum Operation Hydraulic Oil Philippines

Rubric Optimum

The Motultech Hydraulic oil range RUBRIC HM has been developed from highly refined base oil and innovative additive systems help equipment operators select the right lubricant to ensure the optimum operation.

Longer Oil Life

MotulTech RUBIC HM has developed base on highly refined base oils and specific additive system which increases the oil’s life. The downtime of the equipment is decreased, and performance of overall system is increased and minimizes the maintenance cost. MotulTech RUBRIC HM has reached the oil life over 2 to 3 times longer than industrial and OEMs standards.

Optimum Performance

To ensure hydralic system operating at maximum capacity, hydraulic oil has to fulfill these primary functions: protection, lubricating and transfer the energy effectively. MotulTech RUBRIC is 40% faster than the requirement of industrial standard therefore helps enhance the efficiency of energy transfer.; and is 63% faster than the industrial standard.

Equipment Protection

Protecting equipment from damage helps to increase performance and longer service life for it will maximize the efficiency for users. MotulTech RUBRIC HM helps to protect equipment through the FZG load test.


MotulTech RUBRIC HM is used for the following;

Industrial hydraulic systems

Hydraulic system equipped with vane, gear and piston pumps

Circulating system, construction hydraulic system and other industrial hydraulic system with heavy load.



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