Reino Del Sur Petroleum Corp.

Reino Del Sur Petroleum Corp., marks our formal entry into the wholesale of Bio Diesel and Ethanol Gasoline products. Operations will commence on the first quarter of 2018. With the Philippines having one of the fastest growing economies in the world, we would like to play our part in nation building, servicing the demands of micro, small, medium and large industries for premium quality fuels.

Our Product

Wholesale Fuel

We manage a fleet of well-maintained fuel tankers of various capacities to fit different types of demand and to access different types of roads. Our GPS equipped fuel tankers keep you updated on the status of your delivery, our friendly customer service representative helps provide a hassle free ordering experience.

Our Fleet

We have various Fuel tankers with different capacities to serve different needs of the industries.

lpg tank
Let us partner with you in your business.


We can deliver different quantities starting from 4,000 Liters, 10,000 Liters and 20,000 Liters on a single drop delivery. Price varies based on ordered quantity.

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