Authorized Distributor of MotulTech SAFROTATE Turbine Oil in the Philippines

We are the authorized Philippine agent of MotulTech. Premium, high quality lubricants for your engine.


Turbine Oil was primarily designed for use in turbines. It was kept clean by activated earth filters to remove oxidation products as well as contamination. The current generation of oil turbines are composed of high quality base stocks, combined with rust inhibitors that can function at high temperature.


Our premium Turbine Oil products of SAFROTATE 32, 46 and 68 are ashless lubricants for gas, water and steam turbines and turbo compressors. These products have high oxidation and good thermal stability.

Good protection against the corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous materials

Excellent for hydrolytic stability

Prevents sludge formation

Has low acid


We make sure our oils are performing well as expected and ensure we are advancing our products every day. We are the authorized Philippine distributor of MotulTech; a French company that produces premium quality and state of the art European Technology for;

Heavy Duty Marine

Industrial Lubrication

Metal Working Fluids

Specialty Greases

Since 1853, it is a high-performance lubricant brand that is present in more than 100 countries.

We provide High-Quality Lubricants for Stability.
We provide High-Quality Lubricants for Stability.


Every machine has been constituted from mechanical parts, therefore the right choice of lubricant for them is very important to ensure the machine is fully protected, operating precisely and effectively.


MOTULTECH SAFROTATE has been developed from highly refined based oils and innovative additive system help equipment operators select the right lubricant to ensure optimum operation.

Longer Oil Life

MotulTech Safrotate can reach up to 10,000 hours of oil life, over 3 times as long as the minimum industrial standard requirement. It also has very good oxidation stability and is better more than four times to compare with industrial standard for oil turbine.

Equipment Protection

Protecting turbine bearing and controlling vane from corrosion and wear is very important to help increasing turbine system cleanliness and operate efficiency.

Optimum Performance

It releases very good air properties which helps reduce the risk of Oxidation. Product has up to 60% faster air release than industrial standard.


MotulTech SAFROTATE is used for the following;

Heavy duty industrial gas turbines

Centrifugal machine, rotor or screw compressors, vane pumps, centrifugal pumps

All type of lightly loaded gearboxes light load, vacuum pumps, conveyors, electric motors, low or medium pressure hydraulic systems that do not require wear resistance



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