South East LPG Company Inc.

South East LPG Company, Inc. was an example of opportunity in times of tragedy. The onslaught of Typhoon Santi (Mirinae) caused the collapse of the Bridge of Promise in Batangas Province. We have to find innovative solutions to the supply difficulties created by the collapse of the bridge. Due to this, we decided to purchase our own tankers to pick up the product using alternate route and to deliver to our retail station. This initiative in turn, open more opportunities to serve clients who are facing the same supply difficulties as our retail station. By August 2010, In recognition of our initiative, we were awarded by Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines, Inc. the Small Bulk Distributorship in Luzon. This officially paves our entry into LPG Bulk Distribution.

Our Product

We manage a fleet of well-maintained LPG tankers of various capacities to fit different types of demand and to access different types of roads. Our GPS equipped LPG tankers keep you updated on the status of your delivery, our friendly customer service representative helps monitor your LPG consumption for a hassle free ordering experience. This is to ensure on time delivery and supply reliability of LPG when you need it. Our lorry meter is calibrated every 6 months to ensure fair transaction and our tankers are requalified every 5 years by Shell accredited 3rd party inspectors to ensure strict compliance with international safety standards. Our drivers are trained and certified for product loading and unloading, emergency response, and defensive driving. All this to achieve total customer service satisfaction and peace of mind.

Our Fleet

We have various LPG tankers with different capacities to serve different needs of the industries.

lpg tanker



LPG is widely used in the Food processing Industry. In Malls, Hotels, Hospital, Food park, Laundry Shop.


LPG being a far superior alternative fuel as compared to the other heavy fuels helps realized cost savings benefits, at the same time achieving high quality for the finished goods. It can be use for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals for heating, cutting and melting.


Numerous chemical reactions occurs during the manufacturing of ceramics and glass. The use of clean alternative fuel like LPG not only improves product quality, but also lessen technical problems that may be encounter during the manufacturing process.

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Due to higher heating value of LPG compared to other heavy fuels, it is widely used in paint baking and powder coating industry.

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