How Effective is Your Vehicle’s Fire Suppression System in Suppressing Fire?

How Effective is Your Vehicle’s Fire Suppression System in Suppressing Fire?

There are different types of vehicles that are being extremely used on a daily basis. This includes buses, ships, trains, excavators, backhoes, and other construction trucks, even military tanks are in need of fire suppression systems. There are different reasons why vehicles could start a fire. In those times we would never wish for it to happen. That’s why the questions is: how effective is your vehicle’s fire suppression system in suppressing fire and protecting?

There are some instances that their engine might get exhausted, overheat and start a fire when these vehicles are being used heavily. This may be due to short circuit, engine problems, poor maintenance, fuel leaks, overheating, shot circuits, and accidents. In this times, you should be ready before you lose all your valuables in life. Therefore, it is important to have an effective fire suppression system for your vehicle.

If you are thinking about fire suppression systems for your vehicle, we got something for you. Introducing the Rotarex Firetec Compact Line System. A complete detection and suppression system pre-engineered for vehicle engines. It is the most compact system in the world that is able to protect up to 4m³ engine compartment with only liters of agent!

Rotarex Firetec Compact Line System is flexible and is also easy to install. It is highly economical and has a quick and effective fire suppression as well. It can help protect passengers and/or valuable equipment.

Patented Dual-Chamber Cylinder Technology

It has a patented dual-chamber cylinder technology. Dual chamber is equivalent to safety. Extinguishing agent liquid and pressurized gas are in separate chambers. Once it is activated, the pressurized gas is released into the outer chamber forcing against a piston. The piston pushes the liquid out through the discharge tube. A built-in pressure regulator ensures a constant and sustained discharge.

Choice of Agent

You can choose which type of agent you would like to use for your fire suppression system. Either Berkicold or Firedetec TS-55. Berkicold is a biological foam concentrate, environment friendly–fluor free and is ideal for engine fires where it removes heat and prevents reignition. While Firedetec is a liquid based agent (water mist) with glycol-free antifreeze. It also has a low freezing point. Ideal for engine fires that rapidly remove heat and prevents reignition as well.

Choice of Detection Systems

Pneumatic Sensor Tubing
1. Quick and Easy Installation
The flexible sensor tubing is easily installed directly above and around the engine – close to where a potential fire could start.

2. Early Fire Detection
The heat of the fire causes the pressurized sensor tube to burst at the hottest spot once a fire occurs.

3. Instant Suppression
The sudden tube depressurization actuates the special pressure differential valve and instantly flood the entire engine compartment extinguishing agent. The fire is quickly suppressed just months after it began–minimizing damage and downtime.

Electronic Detection
1. Quick and Easy Connection
Plug-and-Play connection to a solenoid actuator on the cylinder.

2. Instant Suppression
The electronic detection system detects a fire and sends a signal to the solenoid valve which actuates the special pressure differentials valve and instantly floods the entire engine compartment extinguishing agent. The fire will as well quickly be suppressed just moments after it began–allowing also minimization of damage and downtime.

Rotarex Firetec Compact Line System is RISE-CERTIFIED according to SPCR 183 / SP Method 4912, UNECE R 107 and E5.

For more information about Rotarex Firetec Compact Line System, check out the table below.

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