Equipment and Machinery that Use Hydraulic Oil

equipment and machinery that uses hydraulic oil

Equipment and Machinery that Use Hydraulic Oil

There are different equipment and machinery that use hydraulic oil. It is primarily used to transfer power within hydraulic systems. When force is applied to a non-compressible hydraulic fluid, the oil is being pushed through the hydraulic system and creates a force on another system.

Aside from that, hydraulic oil is needed to function for energy transmission through the system which enables work and motion to be done. Hydraulic oil is responsible for contamination control, heat transfer, and lubrication.

Hydraulic oil is being used in many applications around the world. In this article, we will list down some equipment and machinery that use hydraulic oil.

1. Aircraft

aircraft hydraulic oil

Aircraft use hydraulic oil in order to assure proper system operation and to avoid damage to nonmetallic components of the hydraulic system. Although there are different hydraulic oils available in the market, some may not be compatible for aircraft. Therefore, your technician must use the correct category of hydraulic oil for aircraft.


2. Marine Industry

marine industry philippines lubricant

Hydraulic oil is being used in the marine industry, like cruise ships. They are usually used for marine vessels as stabilizers. The function of stabilizers is to reduce the amount of roll that could affect the vessel’s balance. Stabilizers help the vessel prevent sea-motion sickness from happening to the passengers on the vessel.


3. Skid Steers

skid steers philippines

These are small rigid-frame, engine powered machine with lift arms used to attach a wide variety of labor-saving tools or attachments. Hydraulic oil plays a big role when it comes to skid steers. Skid steer has auxiliary hydraulics, making it extremely versatile. Having the right auxiliary hydraulic system will achieve a fantastic return on investments and will have your business moving forward.


4. Forklift Trucks

forklift truck hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil is very important when it comes to forklift trucks since it helps power the strong forklifts that is needed when lifting heavy goods. Forklifts depend on hydraulic fluid for their lifting and steering abilities. They are the life of the forklift. Without hydraulic oil. Your forklift might breakdown.


5. Tractors

tractor hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil is needed by tractors for the operation of hydraulic brakes and hydraulic system on agricultural vehicles and machinery. Keep in mind to have a reputable company in helping you find the right hydraulic oil for your tractor to ensure that your equipment and machinery are looked after and protected.


6. Car Lifts

car lift hydraulic oil

If you aren’t familiar with car lifts or automotive lifts, it is a hydraulic machine wherein automobiles are elevated above the floor to give access to the underparts. If you remember reading about the use of hydraulic oil in forklifts, well, it can also be used to lift cars. Hydraulic oil for a car lift tends to have a higher viscosity grade because of high pressure.


Hydraulic oil is suitable to be used with hydraulic systems and machines to help them smoothly do their work. It is used to transfer power and can even act as a sealant, coolant, and lubricant for equipment and machinery!

Didn’t find your equipment from the list above? Contact our specialists today and let us help you get the right hydraulic oil for your engine, equipment, or machinery!