5 Types of Hydraulic Oil for Engines

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5 Types of Hydraulic Oil for Engines

Most typical hydraulic oils are made from fire-resistant fluids, mineral, and synthetic oils which is used in all types of applications. They are more likely produced from different materials that are blended together. Therefore, it is important to choose the right oil for your power engines.

Since hydraulic oil is made from refined minerals, one of its advantages is that it can generally handle extreme temperatures. There are many different types of hydraulic oil that can be used across different applications, that is why you must know which type of hydraulic oil is just for your engine.

If you are an individual who owns a small or large business that uses hydraulics, then this article can help you identify the right hydraulic oil for your power engine.

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Here are the following types and categories of Hydraulic oil:

1. General Hydraulic Oil

This type of hydraulic oil is being used for general hydraulic machines. It has anti friction characteristics, shear stability of viscosity, and oxidation stability.


2. Mineral Oils

Mineral oils are created as a result of refining crude oil then improving their quality by adding certain substances. It has additives to make it anti-corrosion and anti-rust. Aside from that, mineral oils have additives for anti-wear as well.

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3. Wear-Resistant Hydraulic Oil

This type of hydraulic oil is used at high pressure and high temperature engines. It is also equipped with a grill to prevent wear.


4. Flame Resistant Hydraulic Oil

Fluids may come into contact with sparks or flames in many mobile and industrial hydraulic systems. General petroleum-based hydraulic oil used in hydraulic systems has a risk of being ignited. Phosphoric acid ester system, water, and glycol system are known to be used for aircraft.


5. Environmental-Friendly Hydraulic Oil

Some applications may be at risk of potential oil leaks or oil spills. This could lead to contamination within the environment, so most environmental-friendly oils are biodegradable. This is usually used for marine use.


Choosing the right type of hydraulic oil for your power engine may not be a tough work to do. You can consult to your lubricant distributor to fully know which hydraulic oil is best for your engine. Remember that choosing the wrong hydraulic oil for your engine can cause damage to your engine.

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