LPG Vaporizer Horizontal VAPEG Series with Mechanical Control Valve – Feed Back or Feed Out

Specifications: 200KG/H, 32KW to 1,500KG/H, 240KW
Version: Electric
Power Supply: 440V, 3 Phase


Why use Pegoraro Gas Technologies LPG Vaporizer?

  • Customized engineering
  • Production in accordance with relevant standards and regulations
  • Gas Appliance Directive
  • Pressure Equipment Directive category II & I
  • Materials used with inspection certificate 3.1 according to EN 10204
  • Weldings realized by certified welders according to standard UNI EN ISO 15614-1:2008 and point 3.1.2 annex I directive 97/23/EC and UNI EN 287-1:2012
  • Welded parts checked for strength with hydrostatic test
  • NDT test with X-ray or LP welded joints (on request)
  • Functioning setting and leak-proof
  • Sandblasted and stove-enamelled welded parts
  • Training and Commissioning on site


Unique Safety Feature

Our vaporizers are equipped with an Innovative and Exclusive Regulation Thermostatic Valve, totally mechanical and covered by an international patent. This valve allows the production of gas only in its gaseous form, and EXCLUDE liquid not vaporized gas production; this regulation system is equipped with a POSITIVE SECURITY PLUG – that close in case of system failure.


Our system controls liquid-gas flow according to the water temperature.