Types of Fire Suppression Systems

fire suppression system

Types of Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems are a comprehensive mix of dry chemicals and wet agents, which help in preventing and extinguishing fires on properties or objects. In today’s time, fire suppression systems are used everywhere from commercial spaces to businesses, and homes.

These suppression systems are automatic as it will be activated to release the extinguishing material when a signal has been received from the control panel. Having a fire suppression system is important and can also secure not only your valuables, but also the lives of many, including yours.

In order to choose the right type of fire suppression system, we have listed some of the top types of fire suppression systems used.

1. Gas/Clean Agent Suppression Systems

gas suppression system

This type of suppression system has nitrogen stored in a liquid form and is kept under pressure. A certain type of chemical called the FM200 chemical, reacts with the fire and extinguishes it. This type of suppression system is good for small places that can be damaged if water is used to put out the fire.

2. Water Sprinkler Suppression Systems

water sprinkler

This is the most common type of fire extinguishing system that is being used all around the world. It can either be manual, wherein the suppressors need to be turned on manually when there is fire, or automatic, wherein it turns on once it comes in contact with smoke or heat.

3. Chemical Foam Suppression Systems

chemical suppression system

This type of system utilizes the chemicals of potassium carbonate. A safe chemical to extinguish fire near edible items. That’s why this chemical foam suppression system is explicitly used in commercial kitchens. When fire takes place, these nozzles release a water-based chemical foam to put out the fire. Chemical foam system could either be triggered by heat or by manual switch.

4. Pre-action Tube Suppression Systems

preaction system

Pre-action tube suppressors are basically valve-based extinguishers. They consist of a reaction tube that works as a detector and a combination of wet pipe and dry pipe fire sprinkler system. Water is not stored in the pipes until a fire detector detects a fire. When the head opens, the suppression system reacts as quickly as a wet pipe fire sprinkler system. Pre-action Tube Suppression Systems are best used for areas that are at a high risk of serious water damage in the event of encountering accidental fire suppression activation.

It is essential to safeguard your property and the lives that are present in it to avoid terrible damages in those incidences. Choose a fire suppression system that best fits your needs and requirements.

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