How to Prevent Gas Leaks

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How to Prevent Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are usually the result of poorly fitted, badly maintained or faulty appliance that you might have in your home or commercial space. Gas can escape from your appliance if it is not well sealed, so you should always make sure that your gas appliances are installed by your provider.

When you use defective appliances, gas can escape from the gas hose that can be hazardous. Older appliances are more likely to be damaged therefore it’s important to keep in check with a specialist for the safety of your home or workspace.

Whether you are thinking about the gas pipes in your home or commercial space, it’s important to prevent gas leaks to happen.

Why are gas leaks dangerous?

Gas leak can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. What’s everyone terrified of are problems that are left unfixed and would cause fire or even explosions.

How can I detect a gas leak?

One of the biggest signs that we look for when it comes to gas leaks is the smell. If you feel dizzy or unwell then that are some of the symptoms of inhaling gas or could be carbon monoxide poisoning.

There are other signs such as the following:

1. Your gas rings on your stove orange or yellow rather than blue.There is a scorched area on the outside of your appliances.

2. There is more condensation on your windows than usual.

3. A pilot that seems to blow out.

4. A musty smell in the air.

What should I do to prevent gas leaks?

If you think that there is gas leaking in your home or commercial space, do the following:

1. Turn of the gas supply.

2. Open all windows and door to circulate air around the house.

3. Avoid using electrical devices, smoking and using matches or burning candles as this could ignite the leaked gas.

4. Call your provider and wait for them to arrive.

How can I prevent gas leaks?

For most people, prevention is better than the cure. Follow these steps to ensure the safety of your home and workspace:

1. Check your appliances regularly for wear and tear.

2. Book your appliances in for regular servicing.

3. Make sure your appliances and LPG are installed by a reliable LPG Installer and Supplier

It is important to take action once you detect a gas leak in your space.

If you are looking for a valve that could help you prevent gas leaks, you can check out the graph below.

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