Simple Guide to Fire Suppression System for Commercial Kitchens

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Simple Guide to Fire Suppression System for Commercial Kitchens

Kitchens are the life of their living for restaurant owners. It is where the continual exposure to high heat happens, fires can always break out for a number of reasons. Therefore, it is important to have a proper fire suppression system for commercial kitchens.

Where there is heat, there is a large risk of fire to occur. Once a fire starts, it is important to suppress it as quickly as possible. Fire extinguishers could ruin the food with the type of chemical agent that they have. While water may not be the best option to suppress fire since grease fires could get worse once water is poured over, and water could just spread the fire.

Grease and oil in an open flame is a recipe for danger. Fire suppression system for commercial kitchens offer a better and unique way in putting out the fire. Whether you are in a small to medium business, in this article, we will be helping you to find the perfect fire suppression system for your commercial kitchen.

The Basics

Different brands will offer you typical and basic features. One would be the simple fire suppression system where it connects to both the hood over your cooking station to the gas line running through the cooking station. Another simple yet effective and affordable solution would be the FireDETECT Fire Suppression System for Commercial Kitchens.

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They have cylinder valve assembly that has an F extinguishing agent which is mounted near the wall close to the cooking line. A detection system that has a pressurized pneumatic tubing with a manual backup actuator.

Lastly, it is the discharge system where there are stainless steel piping and three nozzles. Two nozzles are over the cooking zones and one on the extraction hood. The steel piping connects the nozzles to the cylinder valve.

Effortless Manual Operations

Different systems have different ways of detecting fire. Look into this when discussing the installation with your provider. A manual actuator will be installed near the cooking zone almost at the fire exit path. This allows the operator to turn on the fire suppression system, killing the flames quickly.

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Are Fire Suppression Systems Necessary?

Not all restaurants or businesses have fire suppression system. Although it is for safety precautions, kitchen fires can quickly burn out of control when there is no fire suppression system available to kill the fire. For businesses like restaurants, it is typically necessary in order for the business to keep on going without the customer’s knowledge on what is going in the kitchen.

The Right Fire Suppression System for Your Commercial Kitchen

FireDETEC Fire Suppression System for Commercial Kitchens

There are different fire suppression systems available within different fire suppression systems providers. They come in various sizes. To find the right fire suppression for your commercial kitchen, seek from your providers since they have the ability to adjust the size of the system and the amount of extinguishing agent that might be used in case of fire.


Fire suppression system for commercial kitchens will save not just your property and life, but also your financial investments. Rotarex FireDETECT is one of the best Fire Suppression System that is perfect for small to medium businesses.

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