How to Choose the Right Fire Suppression System for Your Business?

fire suppression system for your business

How to Choose the Right Fire Suppression System for Your Business?

Investing in a Fire Suppression System is important when you have a business. Especially when you have a large facility and a number of people working for you. Therefore, you have to find a fire suppression system that suits your business.

There are so many companies nowadays that are offering different fire suppression systems. Your distributor can help you in choosing what is the perfect one for you, but it is also good to have knowledge that can help you choose the right fire suppression system for your business.

Here are some tips that can help you throughout the process:

1. Type of Business

Think of some of these questions when looking for a fire suppression system for your business. What type of business do you have? Does it primarily focus on equipment? Do you have edible products? Are you selling items that you think can catch fire? Do you have employees working for your business? Does your business focus on the kitchen?

There are different types of fire suppression system for every type of business since there are chemicals that may be hazardous to products or people.

commercial fire suppression system

2. Manual or Automatic Fire Suppression System

If you have security that will be able to look over your premises, you can opt on having a manual fire suppression along with an automatic one. If you are just working on your business and no one else alone is available to look over manual fire suppression system, then automatic is the way to go.


3. Provider or Distributor

Ensure that your distributor is a reputable company that has experience and/or has been in the business for a long time. It is important to remember that even if the best system you have is not installed correctly, it will not work. Make sure it is handled by a professional and not just an amateur one.

Right Fire Suppression System for Your Business

4. Approved and Certified

Make sure the system that you have for your business is approved and has certifications such as LPCB, FM, UL certified and more. By this, you can ensure that your fire suppression system has passed global standards and is effective and safe to use.


We hope these tips have helped you in looking for the right fire suppression system for your business. If you are still unsure when it comes to what fire suppression system you are going to use, contact our specialists today!