Autogas: Facts, Pros and Cons


Autogas: Facts, Pros and Cons

Cleaner, Cheaper and Greener. Autogas is being used worldwide by different countries including the Philippines. It is Liquefied Petroleum Gas that is being used by different types of vehicles. This is the LPG fuel used in LPG powered vehicles.

Autogas is being liquefied through pressurization that comes from natural gas processing and oil refining. Almost 25 million LPG vehicles worldwide run on LPG Autogas. In this article, we’ll be breaking down some interesting facts about Autogas.

Pros and Cons of Having an LPG Powered Vehicle

autogas facts pro and cons

There are different pros and cons in having an LPG powered vehicles. Autogas vehicles have lower running costs and could prolong your engine’s life. It is also less expensive than other types of fuel such as petrol or diesel.

Autogas is also known for being environmental friendly since it has environmental benefits such as the reduced emission of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide. An extra cost would be buying an LPG car or converting a car to LPG. Another one is finding an LPG service station, but in some countries, it is getting bigger and numerous per year.

Light and commercial vehicles are common types that use Autogas. It is also popular with SUV or utility vehicle owners.

Benefits of Autogas to the Environment

autogas enviroment

As mentioned above, Autogas has reduced emission of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide compared to other types of gas such as unleaded petrol. Carbon dioxide is known to be the primary greenhouse gas causing long term climate change.

Did you also know that LPG fueled vehicles are safer than petrol fueled ones? LPG fuel tanks are made from welded heavy steel compared to tanks that are in plastic. They are puncture resistant and could survive greater impacts than your typical fuel tank.

autogas tank

Autogas tanks are also fueled with Automatic Fill Limiter (AFL) to prevent it from overfilling. Some of us also experience fuel spill, but with LPG, it just dissipates into the air. Autogas tanks are designed to withstand even extreme conditions with a certain amount of volume for any expansion of the LPG in hot conditions.

LPG is a versatile type of fluid that can be used at home or commercially. Using LPG in vehicles could help deliver an impressive performance level while offering significant saving on fuel.

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